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We specialize in providing custom solutions

In the fields of video and audio featuring the most advanced and latest technology

Video cloud






Featured Products

Simulation Systems

Editing systems

Capture cards

PTZ Cameras

Production Switchers and live internet broadcasting

Education recording systems

Media asset management systems and archives


Our Customers

Import, marketing and distribution

  • Ivs-tec company represents 25 companies in the fields of education and multimedia broadcasting
  •  Import, marketing and distribution of professional video solutions custom made
  • Wide range of solutions from the importer to the consumer – PTZ cameras, editing systems, sampling and capture cards, video services cloud, recording systems, etc.
  • Adjustment range of solutions, including professional video – recording systems, Live streaming 24\7, CG, MAM archive backups, etc

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Establishing Studios

  • IVS-TEC company  specializes  in project management and construction of studios for the broadcast education and  business sectors
  • With Experience and determination will lead you to the establishment of the studio you dreamt about according to the needs and budget requirements
  • Consulting, sales, integration, installation, training, support and guidance professional-we are with you all the way
  • Our ability to provide creative and innovative solutions to every challenge along the way, through collaboration flexibility and responsibility

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Laboratory & support

  • The laboratory provides technical support and maintenance services for all products marketed by the company
  • Professional and experienced staff will resolve hardware and software problems in the areas of audio, video, and broadcast
  • Fast response during all weekdays
  • Upgrading hardware \ software, troubleshooting by phone support and if necessary Arrival to customer’s site

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